Stepping Stones by Obo


More buy-in, fewer meetings with Obo

Jackie Holen

Product leaders: Ever been stuck in endless meetings trying to get your stakeholders to agree on priorities and feature ideas? It’s not our idea of...

We love user feedback -- see what’s changed in Obo!

Jackie Holen

Here at Obo, we’re all about product success. Since our beta launch, we’ve been gathering feedback from our users. We also use Obo ourselves, and we...

60 minutes to a better plan with Obo

Jackie Holen

What can you do to improve your product plan in just 60 minutes? A lot, actually. Plus, you’ll learn some great “pro tips” along the way.

Product validation to put our best product forward

Jackie Holen

The beta data is in! We recently ran Obo’s beta program with a range of tech companies to validate that the Obo product decision system helps product...


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