More buy-in, fewer meetings with Obo

Product leaders: Ever been stuck in endless meetings trying to get your stakeholders to agree on priorities and feature ideas? It’s not our idea of fun either. We built stakeholder surveys in Obo so you can get more buy-in and more input with far fewer meetings.

Our customers love that they can use stakeholder surveys to quickly get input and buy-in to business and product priorities, feature value, and cost estimates -- all without long, contentious meetings. Your stakeholders will thank you, too.

Here’s how you can do it with Obo.

What are we doing here?

Align on business and product priorities

Does your team know how your company measures your product’s success? Are the criteria for assessing feature value crystal clear and well communicated? In other words, should you prioritize features that will have a big impact on reducing churn over features that will enable your corporate strategy of entering new markets?

In Obo, drivers are the measuring stick you use to assign feature value based on your business and product objectives, like Reducing Churn, New Markets, or Improving Performance. Drivers are weighted to reflect their relative importance.

Get your executive team, product team, and stakeholders aligned on business and product planning priorities using Obo’s preference survey on driver options.

Once your drivers and their relative weights are established, you can use drivers to provide an estimate of each feature’s expected impact against that driver using a score of 0 - 5, where 0 is none and 5 = the highest. Click here to get the Obo Field Guide on Using Drivers.

What’s it worth?

Validate feature value

One team’s must-have is another team’s “who cares.” Evaluate feature value against business and product priorities and get input to back it up so you can present your product decisions with confidence and evidence.

With just a few clicks, and no survey set up, you can run these stakeholder surveys from within Obo:

  • Stakeholder input on driver values for multiple features: From the Features page, select the features you want to get input for and click Survey Stakeholders above the table.
  • Stakeholder input on driver values for a particular features: From that Feature’s Drivers tab, click the More menu (three dots) and select Start New Survey.
  • Stakeholder feature preferences in rank order: From the Features page, select features and click Create Plan. From the plan, click + Survey Stakeholders to run a preference survey.

Feature preference survey with Obo

You choose your audience or get a link you can email. Then, sit back and see results as they come in. 

We don’t believe that’s really enough, but it’s a great start. We suggest you also get input from your customers and your target market, and you can do that in Obo too. With more input from customers and your target market to validate needs and solutions, you can make better product decisions.

Pro Tip: Obo’s preference surveys use a technique called Best-Worst Scaling to get more accurate results than straight-up preference ranking.

How many can we do?

Estimate feature costs, faster

How do you estimate the cost of features and functionality you’re considering for your product plan? It’s an especially challenging activity because you frequently don’t have all the details needed for a more accurate, engineering-derived cost estimate. But you need a starting point so you can plan and identify which features are worth specifying to the detail that enables more accurate cost estimates.

We’ve invented a way to “team source” the answer. Think “crowdsource” applied to your team, the engineering team, or anyone whose opinion you want.

Obo walks you and your chosen stakeholders through a simple costing exercise. You compare features and apply a t-shirt-like size comparison. It’s quick to do the first time, then improves over time as you get more data. Because you get input, you also build buy in.

You may not get those features completed faster, but you can get better cost estimates and better product plans, sooner.

Get started

Ready to start getting stakeholder input on your features, values, or cost estimates? If you’re already an Obo user, simply login to your Obo instance. If not, get in touch with our team to get started with a free 14-day trial

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