Product validation to put our best product forward

The beta data is in! We recently ran Obo’s beta program with a range of tech companies for the sake of our own product validation. We needed data to prove that the Obo product decision system helps product teams to manage their Feature Funnel™, validate assumptions with data, prioritize features, and model “what if” product plan scenarios.

Here’s how Obo’s beta customers are using Obo to put their best products forward.

C3 assesses expected demand for and benefits of potential features

C3, the leading AI software platform provider for digital transformation, is using Obo to improve feature prioritization and product planning. So far, they’ve used Obo to evaluate and prioritize features for a new financial services product the company is developing. They plan to use Obo to run feature preference surveys with potential customers in the same industry. With Obo, C3 has codified how they assess the expected demand for and benefits of potential features before investing time and resources into development. As Adrian Rami, Director of Product, put it,

We are expanding our use of Obo to employ market-driven approaches to our entire product roadmap; it has a variety of valuable features for a company like C3, which is AI-based and data-driven.”

Zimperium improves planning process and product plans

Zimperium, a mobile security systems provider, is using Obo to plan and prioritize new features based on data. According to Brian Peck, Vice President of Product Management,

“The value of Obo lies in having data to back up your product release plan that you can then share with peers and executives to communicate why these features should be launched in this order. Those conversations are much easier when they’re based on data, rather than potentially competing opinions.”

Zimperium uses Obo drivers to bring structure to their formerly ad hoc feature prioritization process and to more accurately measure feature value. Recently, after running scenarios in Plan Optimizer, they discovered that a stronger product plan led to broader product validation. They’re running Obo preference surveys to their sales and customer success teams, and those teams are thrilled to provide input and feel that their feedback matters. Their data-driven approach to product validation with Obo is boosting the product team’s credibility with their stakeholders, including senior management.

Jumpshot aligns stakeholders with a better product plan

Jumpshot, a marketing analytics company that helps marketers understand and analyze online behavioral data from its 100-million user panel, started using Obo with the intent of doing market research for a new product line but then focused on running plan scenarios to prioritize potential features. Jerome Crochat, Director of Product Management, used Obo to gain stakeholder alignment on the product plan using Drivers. As Jerome explained,

“Obo provides us with a quantifiable way to measure our top features and prioritize new ones, so our product team is never left guessing.”

Cloverpop gains critical data from its target market

Cloverpop, an early-stage startup, is building an enterprise decision platform that helps companies innovate and drive business results. It’s difficult to perform useful market studies when you’re defining a new solution category, and even more challenging in the B2B space. Cloverpop has been using Obo’s market-panel surveys to expand and deepen the company’s understanding of their target market’s needs and help inform product direction and priorities. Obo enables Cloverpop to gain critical feedback and data from their target market for product validation and to help them make better decisions.

“I love that Obo has put together these market panels,” says Jill Soley, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing. “You can survey your customers if they’re engaged, but it’s much harder to get good, useful market feedback as a start-up B2B company from companies who are not currently using your products. This feedback is critical at this stage of our company.”

How can you use Obo for product validation, to put your best product forward™?

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