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Jackie Holen

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Validate for product success

By Jackie Holen on Jun 19, 2019 1:50:24 PM

No one likes the idea of pouring precious time and effort into creating a product or product functionality that bombs in market.

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6 min read

5 steps to sell your product plan to your stakeholders

By Jackie Holen on May 31, 2019 11:29:01 AM

Getting agreement on your product plans can be an uphill, bloody battle. As a product manager, you’re likely more immersed in your product and have the closest thing to a 360-degree view than nearly anyone else in your company. You know your customers. You know the market and what’s needed to sell and support your product. You know what engineering can, wants, and needs to do to keep things running. But you need stakeholder buy in, and, sometimes, formal approval.

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6 min read

Are idea portals a bad idea?

By Jackie Holen on May 13, 2019 12:08:22 PM

Idea portals aren’t a bad idea -- but they aren’t necessarily a good idea.

In theory, idea portals are great. Your customers (and others) can enter and vote on ideas for your products, and voilà -- you’re customer-centric! What could possibly go wrong?

If you’re not careful, your idea portal will miss the mark and steer your product roadmap off track.

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3 min read

More buy-in, fewer meetings with Obo

By Jackie Holen on May 8, 2019 4:52:02 PM

Product leaders: Ever been stuck in endless meetings trying to get your stakeholders to agree on priorities and feature ideas? It’s not our idea of fun either. We built stakeholder surveys in Obo so you can get more buy-in and more input with far fewer meetings.

Our customers love that they can use stakeholder surveys to quickly get input and buy-in to business and product priorities, feature value, and cost estimates -- all without long, contentious meetings. Your stakeholders will thank you, too.

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